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BPM Rental Application


    By signing this application I authorize Brantford Property Management to obtain a consumer credit report, conduct criminal record search, and to make other inquiries as deemed necessary in determining eligibility for tenancy.
    Upon approval of this rental application by the landlord, a binding agreement shall be created between the parties who shall immediately enter into a tenancy agreement on this same terms on the landlord's standard form. Upon such approval, a last month's rent deposit shall be paid forthwith if it has not already been paid. Upon such approval, the last month's rent deposit shall be applied as security towards the payment of the last month's rent. However if this rental application is not approved, any rent deposit shall be returned forthwith less a non-refundable application administration fee of $25. It is agreed that once this application has been approved, the last month's rent deposit may be held by the landlord as security against rent whether or not a signed tenancy agreement is entered into or whether or not the tenant moves into the rental unit, and that the deposit may be applied as rent provided that the rental unit has not been re-rented prior to the anticipated commencement date as above.

    Upon execution of the tenancy agreement, the tenant(s) shall be required to pay the rent for the first month of the tenancy prior to the commencement date of the tenancy. The tenant's right to occupy the rental unit does not commence until such time as all the required payments have been made and until the tenant has transferred responsibility for utilities to his or her own name if required as above.

    If for any reason, the landlord is unable to give possession of the rental premises on the commencement date of the lease term, the landlord shall not be subject to any liability to the applicants and shall give possession to them as soon as the landlord is able to do so with the rent abated until such time, and this will not affect any validity of the tenancy agreement, the obligations of the parties, nor shall it be construed as extending the term of the agreement.

    The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that this application for tenancy in no way constitutes a tenancy agreement between the Landlord and the applicant to rent any rental premises, and I/we understand that any tenancy agreement or lease will be entered into only upon the acceptance of this application by the Landlord, and is subject to the provisions and conditions described therein.

    The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that I/we have been afforded the opportunity to examine the landlord's privacy policy, and understand that refusal to provide certain information may result in our tendency being refused if the landlord cannot determine credit or tenants worthiness.

    The undersigned agrees that upon the Landlord's acceptance of this application, a binding tenancy agreement shall be created between the parties, and the undersigned shall enter into a written tenancy agreement on the Landlord's usual form prior to position of the premises, and the deposit shall be applied as set out above, and the undersigned shall take possession of the rental unit upon the terms set out herein.

    This consent information is required in order that the Landlord may comply with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act. The Landlord agrees to keep the supporting information in this application confidential except as described herein.

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