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Protecting Your Property from Winter Hazards

Protecting Your Property from Winter Hazards

Winter care tips to protect your home

Property owners have the additional responsibility of ensuring their tenants are safe, comfortable and well taken care of. This especially becomes a challenge during winter when a number of things can go wrong. Here are some ways you could get a head start as a property owner or a property manager.

Prior Planning and Inspection

Snow Removal in Brantford becomes a priority and a necessity during winters. The problem gets worse when you have to wait for a very busy contractor, to come in and do his job. Advance planning and booking can help owners deal with this issue. Check the forecast and don’t wait till winter sets in to check if your property is competent enough to handle a snowstorm. Inspect the area, identify dead branches and trees that could damage your estate. Look out for cracks in windows, weak pipes or any other telltale signs of areas that need to be fixed immediately. The roof of any house bears the weight of all the snow and ice and it is therefore important that it’s in good shape and strong enough too. AC vents and gutters need to be cleared to allow proper draining. Check the roof slopes for weak areas where snow build-up may actually damage the property.

Fire Prevention and Dealing with Ice

Most fire accidents take place during the festive season of winter and therefore it is vital to get the smoke detector functioning well. Examine chimneys, furnaces, indoor grills, heaters, and carbon monoxide detectors to see if they are in excellent working condition. It’s also a good time for owners to remind their tenants of safety guidelines to follow in order to prevent fires. An icy sidewalk can be dangerous and will require the use of anti-icing products. Accidents on the property could become a case of liability for the owner, bringing on huge compensation costs and unnecessary hassles. Prompt Snow Removal in Brantford can prevent inconvenience and make winter a lot less easy to deal with.

While Snow Removal is just one of the ways to be proactive as a property owner, it can make a huge difference in retaining your tenants and ensuring a safe winter.

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